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Why choose Concrete Roof Tiles?

Tiles offer a diversity that other roofing materials simply can’t match. They come in an extensive range of profiles to suit any style of architecture.
Tiles are all about flexibility, choice and individuality. For instance, if you’re looking for clean crisp lines that’ll deliver a streamline finish, then Monier’s Horizon tile is the choice for you. Alternatively if you’re classically inspired a Modern French tile from the Terracotta range would be ideal.

Here are a few other Concrete tile advantages:

- Will not rust, warp or corrode 

- Provides thermal insulation & moisture control

- Impervious to frost and ice

- Tank water safe

- Salt Safe

- Provides acoustic insulation

- Excellence Performance in High Wind Zones

- Low Maintenance & an excellent investment 

Click here for the Monier Concrete tile Brochure

Click here for the Monier Clay tile Brochure


The prices below will allow you to calculate a rough budget for your roof. They include installation and are inclusive of GST:

  • Metal Tiles: $90.00 per m2
  • Long Run: $90.00 per m2
  • Concrete Tiles: $100.00 per m2
  • Clay Tiles: $200.00 per m2

Please note:
These prices are for estimating only.
The final price will depend on a few factors (roof pitch, details, height etc.)


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