Roof Installation
Irrespective of what type of roof you choose to have installed on your roof, the team will help you to get the job done promptly, professionally & with a minimum of fuss.

Cladding Installation
This covers both roof and wall cladding, which is an attractive and economic solution for any commercial or residential application.

Re-roofing is sometimes the solution to improve the appearance of an existing home, stop worring about leaks, and add value to a property investment. Our teams are trained to work out the most cost effective way of maintaining the integrity and aesthetic appearance of your home so that the crowning glory that is your roof is in no way diminished. (See our comprehensive article about re-roofing)

Repairs & Maintenance:  !!!!!!! Due to work over load, we are unable to do assessments and repairs until further notice. Sorry for the inconvenience !!!!!!!
Retaining the value of your asset, and preventing any leaks can be done by regular checks and maintenance. This means ensuring foliage isn’t left to collect on the roof on an annual if not semi-annual basis, and that regular application of a Moss, Mould and Lichen Remover, like MossBoss, is carried out. 

Older roofs can look new with painting or re-surfacing. 

Leaks can create serious damages and should be fixed immediately. 

Consultation & Advice
At times, we receive requests for information pertaining to small single-home projects as well as large group home development projects. Though this is normally a free service to those looking for relevant and accurate information, for larger development projects, Roofing Systems also offers a consultancy service.

Free Quotations
In contrast, when it comes to the actual pricing of a job, nothing is ever charged for that and whether you’re a homeowner, architect or property developer.

Why choose us?

  • Over 40 years experience
  • High standard of work
  • NZ made and sourced roofing products
  • Local employees, all qualified roofers
  • On budget, on time
  • Experts in all types of roofs (Long run, concrete tile, metal tile, clay tile)
  • Certified agent for Gerard and Monier
  • Owner operated
  • Member of the Roofing Association of New Zealand
  • Licensed Building Practitioner


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