Roofing Advice

Choosing a new roof for your home

Posted: 21 November 2014


Your roofing decision will have long-term consequences. Get it right is paramount. Here’s a checklist that might help you:

  • Consider the conditions: If you live by the sea or in a high-wind zone, your roof will require weather specific roofing materials.
  • Get to know the different roofing materials: Research pros and cons of the different types of roofing material. The New Zealand market includes metal tiles, concrete tiles, clay tiles, long-run iron, corrugated iron, timber shingles and asphalt shingles. 
  • Talk to a professional: The angle and shape of your roof could limit your roofing material choices. Ask your architect or a roofer if there are any options you should exclude. Give us a call on 07 574 7058 or email us.
  • Drive the streets with your camera: Visit areas of your town or city that have many homes like yours. Use a digital camera or phone to capture roofs that you like. You can ask us to point out a specific roof/colour so you can drive by and have a look.
  • Look at online roof galleries: Browse  roof manufacturers’ galleries to see images of homes with their products. Print images that reflect what you’re trying to achieve with your home; don’t forget to note the product name and colour.
  • Read the warranties: Roofing warranties should be carefully considered. Some are more comprehensive and last longer than others.
  • Collect a folder of favourite roofs: Keep your roofing information and images in a folder or scrapbook for easy reference. When you feel that the information and image gathering stage is over, spend some time discussing and eliminating roofs with your partner or a friend. 

Latest Trends

Away from the monopitch: People come back to traditional roofs with gables, hips, dormers and a pitch of 15° or more.
More metal, less concrete: Since Christchurch earthquake, and because its price has decreased, lightweight metal roofs has become quite popular.
Dark, more natural colours: Bright colours are gone. Now people prefer darker shades of grey, black, dark blue and dark green.
Greater variety in new subdivisions: homeowners are expressing their individuality more with different house types and styles.



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