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Tips for Choosing your Roof Colour

Posted: 10 October 2014

The roof is one of the largest fixed elements of a home and deciding its colour can be challenging for any home owner or renovator.

Which colour complements the colour of our exterior walls? What colours choosing for our gutters, fascias, eaves and downpipes? With the sun beating down on our roof all day, we also need to think about whether or not our roof colour will help reduce our dependence on air conditioning. Think about it too much and choosing a roof colour can become a daunting prospect. It doesn't need to be, though. Here are some ideas from the experts to help you choose your roof colour.

Roof Colours for Brick Homes

Take a very close look at your bricks and identify the main colour of the bricks first. Then look for hints of that colour in your roofing material. All it takes is that hint of colour to tie the two elements nicely together.

Roof Colours for Painted Homes

If you are painting your house, consider choosing your roof colour first. Whether you use clay tiles, slate, or another type of roofing material, there will always be more paint colours available than roof colours. After you've found your roof colour, you can find the perfect wall colour. The beauty of this approach is that you can experiment with contrasting colours or choose subtler differences. One thing you want to avoid, though, is an exact match. Subtle or bold, the difference in colour is what makes an exterior colour scheme work.

The Details

You'll be amazed by how much of a difference the details like gutters, fascia, eaves and downpipes make. Most colour consultants agree that matching gutters and roof colours is the best approach because, with few exceptions, gutters and downpipes are not stylistic elements of the house and the less noticeable they are, the better. When it comes to the fascias, though, a nice contrast is advisable. White is a perennial favourite and works with almost any other combinations of wall and roof colours.

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Your roof will absorb heat from the sun and pass it into your house. Lighter colours are more reflective than darker colours, so if you go a few shades lighter in your choice of roof colours, you can help keep your house cooler. You don't need to go overboard and choose a white roof, though. In fact, the glare from the roof could become a big problem. Just think about how a lighter shade would look and if it looks good, use it. Don't forget about roof insulation, either. Insulation is your best protection against heat and cold.

Other things to take in consideration:

The profile and pitch of the roof as well as the location/surrounding of the house should all be considered when choosing its colour as it may play a substantial role in the overall look of your home. The chosen roof style also affects the general impression of a home. Once the roof colour has been chosen a simple tip to ensure that it works effectively with the rest of the home is to repeat the same colour in smaller amounts around the property in up to three different locations (for example: the mailbox, the garden shed or the fence). Triangulating the colour, particularly at the front of the property, will give the home a balanced feel.

- Narrow down your options (Check which material fall into your price range)
- See some roofs in real-life settings (Ask your roofer to give you addresses of homes where they have installed the roof you are considering)
- Get the largest samples you can lay your hands on (Don’t rely on the Colours on a brochure)
- Use some help. Your builders/suppliers might have Colour Consultants and Design Software. (Try Monier's Visualiser online to play with textures and colours).

Last thing: if you dont' like its colour, your roof can be painted. We work with a specialist in roof painting and moss treatment. Any questions, give us a call on 07 574 7058 or email us.



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